5M Zipped in Bell Tent (5M ZIP Bell Tent)

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Just had chance to set up and try our most updated bell tent last week. Here are some pictures which show more details about our zipped in canvas bell tent regarding the stitching and accessories.

5M Zipped in Bell Tent

The groundsheet and canvas fly is connected with zipper (ZIP BELL TENT), we do also supply sewn in groundsheet bell tent (SIG BELL TENT). Groundsheet is made of 480g/m2 PVC, 100%waterproof. The corners of the doors have a flap that allows power cables into the tent without having to make a hole or affect flood proofing.

bell tent zipped in groundsheet

Guy ropes, Metal tension clips, Standard pegs, Plastic rain caps etc. There will never be a problem that the guy rope fastener slipping after rain. In stand of use wooden clips we find out a more easy-to-use one which is the metal fastener.

bell tent pegs and ropes

So after tying all the guy ropes on, the bell was up and pitched within 15 minutes.

bell tent back

1 zip door with screen door and flap. 4 windows complete with integrated mosquito nets. The stitching and quality of the canvas was excellent throughout, no pin holes, random unstitched seams, or loose zips.

bell tent door

Strengthen Center Pole. We use 38MM diameter center pole in stand of 32MM diameter. 19MM diameter a-frame.

bell tent center pole1

Our 5m zipped in Bell Tent gives you the best of both worlds by combining the detachable and sewn in groundsheet.

How do we do this? It’s simple, all of our tents are made with our ZIG design (Zipped In Groundsheet). It really is the best of both, on scorching hot summer days you can simply unzip and roll-up the sides to create a refreshing breeze throughout the tent. For those “not so nice” days, the ZIG groundsheet provides you with a waterproof shield against the weather and creepy crawlies!

The heavyweight 480gsm² groundsheet is not only fully waterproof but also helps iron out any lumps and bumps on your chosen pitch.

At 285gsm², the 100% cotton fabric is protected & sealed by a water proof coating to ensure the inside of the tent is waterproof during wet weather & storms. No treatment is needed prior to first use.


It’s the small things that count –

Heavy Duty Zips (a must for our ZIG (Zipped In Groundsheet) design bell tents!)

Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Poles (this holds the weight of the entire canvas & speeds up pitching with spring loaded poles)

Mosquito Netting Door Entrance & Windows 

– Heavy Duty Pegs 

– 480 gsm² Groundsheet

 – Groundsheet Entrance Flap 

 – Metal Guy Rope Sliders (these not only look great but they maintain the tension when your bell tent is pitched)

 – Inner Tent Fittings (our bell tents come with Inner Tent fittings as standard, loops and hoops provide quick and easy installation)

 – Power Cord Access (a nifty feature which allows those of you who require a power cord to be used with an external power hookup)

 – 285gsm² Canvas (100% natural unbleached cotton canvas)

 – Double Stitching (all seams are double stitched and key stress points are reinforced)


Weight & Dimensions

Diameter – 500cm (16’4″)

Internal Height at Centre – 300cm (9’10”)

A-Frame Entrance Height – 175cm (5’7″)

Side Wall Height – 60cm (2′)

Total Weight – 32kg

Central Pole Diameter – 38mm


What’s included in each zipped in bell tent?

– Canvas Bell tent with Waterproof Groundsheet Connected by a Heavy Duty Zips.

– Integrated Secondary Mesh Entrance Door.

– Attachments to Install an Inner Tent.

– Spring Loaded Metal Tent Poles.

– Guy Ropes & Metal Sliders.

– All the pegs – Steel Nail Pegs & Pin Pegs.

– Matching Canvas Storage Bag.

– Pitching Guide & Instructions.

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